Sketchup to photoshop rendering tutorial

Some vray renderer might find using an HDRI in v-ray rendering a bit difficult. That don't have to be the end of using vray software.

Back to the promise I made in my previous post here.

I'll show you how to use photoshop as an alternative to HDRI.

What you'll need for this tutorial are:

You don't need to be a photoshop pro to use this method I'm about to show you. All you need is a basic knowledge on how to use photoshop.

Step #1
Save final render as png

Save your final v-ray render in a PNG file format.

Step #2
Open render image in photoshop

Open your saved PNG image (render) in photoshop. To start editing.

Step #3
Place sky image

Place your sky image on the rendered image. Use a random sky image from Google search. Or even better, get it from here.

Step #4
Move sky image back

Move the sky image layer behind the render layer.

Sketchup to photoshop rendering tutorial

There you have it. A complete sketchup to photoshop rendering tutorial. Feel free to ask your question in the comment section.


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