How to download V-ray for free and automatically set it up

V-ray for sketchup settings

Are you into Sketchup designs?
What sketchup plugin do you use?

Whatever reason you have for using sketchup plugin. V-ray does the trick best.

In this tutorial we'll see

• Where to download V-ray plugin for free.
• How to install it.
• How to set v-ray for the first time without going through the usual process. Which can be frustrating for new users.

Follow me.

How to download V-ray plugin for free

Download V-ray for free here.

Once you download the file, for widows users right click the file, and click extract all to unzip the file. Next.

Open the V-ray 2.0 for sketchup file. Follow the prompt instructions. And you've successfully install V-ray 2.0 for sketchup.

V-ray for sketchup settings

How to set V-ray for sketchup.

To set V-ray. I've included a V-ray option file for download to make it easy to set up.

There's a way V-ray option file works. Instead of going through the usual manual stress of setting it up. All you have to do is import the file to your V-ray and the file will automatically set it up for you.

Download V-ray option file here

How to use V-ray option file

Go to sketchup menu at the top of your screen. Go to plugin> option, you'll be prompt with a dialog box. At the top menu of the dialog box hit import settings.

Go to the folder where you saved the previously downloaded V-ray option file. Press open and don't forget to save the settings.

V-ray for sketchup settings

Now you've seen where to download V-ray and how to install it for free. Don't forget the V-ray option file too.

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