Autocad short commands: a guide to use autocad efficiently

Working with autocad takes a lot of time (without the short command). Trust me, most of us have been there.

Do you know? there are some command you can enter that will give you the same result as using the toolbar. In other words, this commands will make working with autocad easier and much more faster.

How to start Autocad tutorial for beginners

below are some of the list of short commands in autocad.

You either use space bar or enter key to activate any of this commands.
Units – for unit option window.
Limits – to set working space limits.
Esc –  undo a command.
Space bar –to activate a command (after entering the command)
Delete – to erase
Cntrl. c – copy
Cntrl. P – paste
Xline – infinite line (followed with v for vertical or h for horizontal)
Mi – mirror
Fi – filet (joining two lines together)
O – Offset (followed with the distance)
Ex – extend (followed with double taping space bar)
L – to draw line.
C – circle.
Ro – rotate.
Ar – for creating multiple copies of an object in a pattern.
Let me know how you find working with this commands.

what your tip for working faster on Autocad? let me know in the comment below.


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